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Environmental Responsibility in Construction

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There is a growing awareness of our impact on the environment, our limited resources, and the importance of a clean, healthy environment both outside and inside our homes. Today’s homeowners demand a more efficient, healthier, and safer home. J Trapper Construction is committed to providing Bowling Green and surrounding communities with higher performing, healthier, and more resource efficient homes. Owners of a J Trapper Construction home will enjoy the increased health benefits, durability, value, energy efficiency, and comfort of a well designed and built, more sustainable home. Owners will feel proud that they are doing their part to secure a safe and prosperous future for their families for generations to come.

J Trapper Construction employs the concept of 'environmental responsibility' into each of its projects. In addition to keeping mature trees, using natural drainage systems, and planning neighborhood green common areas, J Trapper Construction offers the following:

Energy efficient home design and construction
Energy efficient home appliances, fixtures, lighting, ventilation fans, air distribution systems
Water efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures
Low VOC finishes, promoting enhanced air quality
High grade dense pack insulation

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